The partner institutions at UCG offer Bachelor Completion, Master’s, and Doctorate Degrees. That means entering students need to have at least an Associate’s Degree or course equivalent before applying to one of the programs at UCG, as the courses begin at the Junior and Senior level.

Do you have less than an Associate’s Degree?

UCG recommends that students wishing to complete a bachelor’s degree contact the program at UCG in which they are interesting in transferring to develop a course transfer plan. This helps ensure a seamless transition and that students meet all the needed requirements to enter a program. Look up the relevant UCG School Representative here.

To complete any needed Freshman and Sophomore level courses, students can enroll in Greenville Technical College’s Transfer Program.

Already have an Associate’s Degree?

Contact the representative of the school to which you would like to apply; they can help you complete the process of transferring your existing credits from other institutions. Look up the relevant UCG School Representative here.