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Founded in 1826, Furman University is the oldest private university in South Carolina and among the 75 oldest institutions of higher education in operation nationally today. It has evolved to become one of the nation’s best liberal arts colleges. The university is named for Richard Furman, among the most important Baptist clergyman during the early decades of the new nation and an influential advocate of educational institutions throughout the country. He maintained lifelong ties to Rhode Island College (now Brown University). He also helped lead efforts to establish Columbian College (now George Washington University), South Carolina College (now the University of South Carolina), Furman, and Mercer University.



Inspiring purposeful living and fostering thriving communities through learning, creativity, and innovation.


Furman University challenges and supports lifelong learners through rigorous inquiry, transformative experiences, and deep reflection to lead lives of meaning and consequence.


In championing the liberal arts and sciences, Furman University cultivates a community of learners engaged in an effort to understand themselves, the world, and their place in it.

To support this quest for knowledge and meaning, we steadfastly protect freedom of inquiry and hold ourselves to high standards of excellence and integrity. We foster a passion for lifelong learning by nurturing the growth of each individual as a whole person: intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

As we draw lessons from thoughtful consideration of our university’s past, we advocate respect for all people and actively welcome perspectives from a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs.

We aspire to advance thriving communities that honor inquiry, promote diversity, strive for equity, appreciate beauty, and act as responsible stewards of our planet.

These aspirations inspire our vision and shape our mission, calling us to meet the challenges and responsibilities of a complex, diverse, and rapidly changing world with courage, moderation, justice, wisdom, and humility.


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Complete a degree at Furman in Greenville, SC

For Undergraduate Evening Studies, contact:

Beth Crews
[email protected]

Jennifer Grissop
[email protected]

For Graduate Studies, contact:

Kay Goodwin
[email protected]

If you are interested in applying to a program at Furman at UCG, contact the graduate or undergraduate representatives under “Faculty & Staff”.

Alternatively, you can APPLY NOW online:

Undergraduate Programs
Graduate ProgramsAfter your application is received and accepted, you will receive an advisor to guide you through registering for courses.

Tuition rates are per credit hour.

  • Evening Studies: $405
  • Graduate Education: $394

We work with you to find a comprehensive program of financial assistance including federal, state, and institutional financial aid.

In addition to these traditional sources of financial aid, we offer academic and other scholarships to students who will enrich the Furman and Upstate community through their academic ability and special talents.

Our own scholarships and grants, combined with federal and state assistance and wise financial planning, enable many students to enjoy the full benefits of Furman.

For more information about financial aid, please contact the Undergraduate Evening Studies program at 864.294.2155 or [email protected]. For Graduate Studies, please contact Kay Goodwin at 864.294.3164 or [email protected].

Students may receive credit that will contribute to the award of the bachelor’s degree at Furman through the transfer of equivalent courses from other regionally accredited institutions or by earning sufficiently high scores on internationally recognized exams, such as Advanced Placement (AP).

For more information about transfer credit, please visit Furman Registrar’s Transfer Credit website or contact Undergraduate Evening Studies at 864.294.2155 or [email protected].