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Bachelor of Science – Human Services

Human Services continue to grow due to the needs in social assistance, mental health and substance abuse problems, and counseling and healthcare services being needed by people from all walks of life.


Designed to Help You Help Others

Lander University’s B.S. in Human Services Success program is a natural fit for anyone wishing for a successful career in human services—within a governmental agency, nonprofit organization, healthcare institution, hospital, or business that specializes in providing care for a specific population.

Success for a career in Human Services most likely results from a strong foundation in applied Psychology and Sociology and a program that aims to increase students’ knowledge, application, and critical thinking skills.  Lander’s program will prepare graduates to work in government agencies, healthcare institutions, or non-profit organizations as a case worker, case manager, counselor, or advocate with the ability to have the necessary skills to succeed as a supervisor in public, non-profit, or private settings as further work experience is gained.

Employment options include child and youth service agencies, mental health facilities, group homes, correctional institutions, healthcare institutions, or programs related to alcohol and drug abuse, domestic violence, or aging.  A bachelor’s degree allows a person to serve as case manager, mental health assistant, or counselor, but a master’s degree is required to serve in a clinical capacity as a social worker, counselor, or therapist.  This program would provide students with the ability to seek additional certification or graduate education if desired, such as a Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) degree or a master’s level program in marriage and family therapy, rehabilitation counseling, or mental health counseling.

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