When I graduate, from where do I receive my degree?

Graduates receive their diplomas from the institution of their degree program. The diploma is the same as having completed a program on campus.

How can I start taking courses at the University Center?

Each university at UCG manages its own application process. Select the program in which you are interested and apply to that institution.

Can I start my undergraduate degree at UCG?

Degree programs at the University Center of Greenville begin at the Junior & Senior level for Bachelor’s degrees. Through a partnership with Greenville Technical College, students can complete their Freshman and Sophomore years there and then transfer to one of UCG’s offering universities. Please consult a representative from the university you would like to attend before enrolling in Greenville Technical College to successfully plan your transfer program.

How does the cost of the University Center compare to a home campus?

The cost of tuition at universities at UCG is the same as at the home campus.

How do I choose the right program for me?

First, call the human resources departments of some organizations in the field you would like to enter. Ask what credentials they look for in prospective employees. Ask, too, if openings in the field are plentiful. Find out which schools offer programs that will help you advance in your chosen industry. Compare length, schedule, cost, content, transferability, placement rates, financial aid availability, and other factors that are important to you.