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THANK YOU, NURSES! You are on the front lines every day, which is why BJUSCOPE is offering a special discounted rate

for our RN/BSN, beginning January 2021.

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RN to BSN Completion Program


Our RN to BSN program was created with the full-time working nurse in mind. We understand the demands of being an adult learner and have created a fully online program with the flexibility to continue managing your family, job, and life. Best of all, this program can be completed in less than one year!

Our courses are offered in a short, accelerated format that takes about one half of a semester to complete. This format allows students to schedule two sessions of classes each semester. The overall time to completion will vary based on the number of previously earned credits and the number of courses you take at a time.

You’ll receive credit for the hard work you have already accomplished completing your Associate’s Degree in Nursing or Diploma in Nursing, as well as being a registered nurse.  We can help you make a successful transition into our RN to BSN program while creating a clear pathway to reach your educational goals. Contact us today for more information or to start your application.


For more information on the RN to BSN Completion program, click here: RN to BSN Completion Program