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Master of Science – Educational Leadership


Leaders are responsible for those they lead and will give a greater account to God for how they used their position in leadership. That’s why with BJU’s educational leadership program, you’ll learn not only the technical skills to be an excellent leader, but also the biblical truths that transform your character.

And with the program’s flexible option of distance learning available through BJUOnline, you’ll be able to continue working where God has placed you.

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BJU’s master’s program in educational leadership equips you to be an excellent leader in a Christian school context.

You’ll begin your program by exploring the historical and philosophical foundation of American education. As you broaden your perspective, you’ll start formulating and expressing your own educational theory, practice, and philosophy of Christian school management. You’ll also learn how to implement the various business principles of running an educational institution, from finance to philosophy to personnel development to decision making.

Also, you’ll explore educational technologies and learn how to use them in a variety of settings. You’ll learn how to construct tests and develop testing programs and how to interpret test results and other educational data so you can better meet students’ educational needs. Throughout your time in the program, you’ll build your leadership portfolio with coursework and practical hands-on experience such as working under the supervision of a school administrator. Most importantly, you’ll be equipped with a well-rounded education from a biblical worldview that will benefit and guide you for years to come.

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