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Master of Divinity



BJU Seminary’s Master of Divinity degree is our premier program that prepares you for your lifelong calling as a pastor, teacher, evangelist, chaplain, missionary, or Bible translator. This carefully balanced, newly structured degree program focuses on helping you develop a mastery of biblical content, theology, church history, biblical languages, and ministry skills.


  • Military Chaplaincy
  • Preaching and Pastoral Ministry
  • Biblical Counseling
  • Church Planting and Urban Ministry
  • Global Missions
  • Church Worship
  • Biblical Languages
  • Bible Translation & Linguistics

Premier training for vocational ministry as:

  • Chaplain
  • Pastor
  • Biblical Counselor
  • Urban Church Planter
  • Missionary
  • Worship Leader
  • Bible Translator


We believe that the MDiv is the degree that completes the training necessary for effective ministry in the church. That is why we have determined to make this degree as accessible to you as we can. For those who are already busy serving in ministry or working a secular job, you may earn the MDiv completely online as well as in residence. For those who feel that enrolling in a master’s degree is a daunting prospect, you should know that our courses are taught by experienced, encouraging professors who are eager to see you serve the Lord and will give the time and personal attention needed to help you grow and succeed.


BJU Seminary’s Master of Divinity program will prepare you to lead and serve the church like no other degree. This carefully balanced, three-year program will help you master biblical content, theology, church history, biblical languages, and ministry skills.

Essential to these endeavors is your ability to faithfully translate, exegete, and interpret Scripture from the Hebrew Old Testament and the Greek New Testament. That is why our MDiv program lays a solid foundation in the biblical languages. You will not only become proficient in grammar and syntax, but you will also explore advanced methods of Greek exegesis with immediate application to sermon preparation. And you will be taught to read the Hebrew text in a way that will amplify your ability to feed God’s people from Old Testament passages.

But beyond developing these essential skills, you will have numerous opportunities to put them into practice in your learning experience and in your local church. As part of your education, you will create and deliver numerous expository sermons and articulate your theological convictions in writing as you prepare for future ordination.

You will also have numerous opportunities to put what you’re learning into practice outside of the classroom. You may find a place of service one of many outreaches and local church ministries in the Greenville area. And with our online version of the MDiv you may continue to lead and serve your church where you live as part of your experience. In short, the MDiv program will develop your skills in exposition, leadership, counseling, and communication of the Gospel. Your understanding of Scripture and theology will deepen, and you will discover the rich heritage of faithful believers who have served the church throughout the ages.

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