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Master of Arts – Biblical Counseling


In this program, you will receive a comprehensive overview of what the Bible teaches along with research into its theological grounding. If the Bible is sufficient to address every human need, then we must begin with the Scriptures. Skilled biblical counselors build a counseling framework upon this foundation, tackling a variety of life’s challenges. The counseling taught is truly biblical, Christ-focused, gospel-saturated, and grounded in the sufficiency of the Scriptures and the doctrine of salvation.

This is a rigorous Master of Arts degree that includes supervised counseling and prepares you for the following:

  • Biblical counseling centers
  • Social work
  • Addiction ministries
  • Urban ministry
  • Orphanage Director


A friend comes to you urgently for advice. She has just discovered that her teenage son has been stealing prescription drugs from her medicine cabinet. She wonders what else he has done. She knows that if she does not approach him with biblical wisdom, she may lose the opportunity to provide the help that he needs. She wants to confront him, but she has no idea where to begin. What would you tell her?

Life is filled with painful situations like this one, reminding us that we live in a broken world ravaged by sin. Yet, the Word of God offers answers to life’s most perplexing questions and problems. Essential to answering these questions, therefore, is a robust theology and practice of counseling that are grounded in the doctrines of progressive sanctification and Scripture’s sufficiency. BJU’s Master of Arts program in Biblical Counseling provides just that. Maybe you are a pastor or a pastor’s wife, or you’d just like to serve the church in the area of counseling, but you feel inadequate in your counseling ministry. In the Biblical Counseling MA, you will receive rigorous instruction from professors who not only have high academic credentials but who also counsel people from Scripture on a regular basis in their own counseling ministries.

For more information on the BJU Master of Arts – Biblical Counseling, please click here: Master of Arts – Biblical Counseling