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Bachelor of Science Elementary Education with Certificate in Early Childhood Education

Program Overview

A handful of children sit at a semicircular table. You sit with them, guiding them through a reading lesson. You talk about the pictures in their books, asking questions to help the students make connections and understand unfamiliar words. Some will quickly begin reading on their own, while others will require additional instruction. By the end of the year, you know you will have helped your students earn a valuable skill they will carry with them throughout their lives. It’s so important for children get off to a good start in school. Expand your knowledge and develop the skills to energize young minds through Anderson University’s evening program: Elementary Education with Add-On Certification in Early Childhood Education

Real-World Training

AU teaching grads have a reputation for being a step ahead of graduates from other colleges. A big reason is our emphasis on getting you out in real-world classrooms early and often. You’ll perform field observations within your first two semesters. By your final semester, you’ll be spending full days in the classroom, observing teachers while also taking turns in front of students yourself. As an adult student, it may be a challenge to fit classroom observation and student teaching around your busy schedule. We have a full-time placement coordinator who can work with you to get you in a classroom with a highly recommended educator.


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